Analytics for Canned Responses

It would be super cool and useful if there was some analytics or reports available to show what canned responses were used the most frequently. I really like the feature in the ChatBot reporting where it shows you how often an interaction is used, so something similar for canned responses would be great. We are always trying to improve our user experience so seeing a canned response that agents are using a lot, could help us to focus our efforts on what our visitors are having trouble with on our website.

Also - being able to organize or group canned responses together would be helpful. It seems that once they’ve been created, you can only search or scroll through the list. Sometimes it would be nice to see them together by topic. Our business has multiple departments, so organizing them by category would be nice.



Hi Melissa,
thanks for your input here! :slight_smile:

I absolutely love the concept of grouping canned responses together and surely will try to see how we could improve our message box with this idea in mind.

Also, for canned responses analytics, we’ve considered adding this kind of report to our Reports section, but we’ve come across some challenges related to Canned responses:

  1. they can evolve over time
    -> for some cases, it can be inaccurate to show a specific canned in a filtered period in reports
  2. an agent can choose a canned response and then edit it in the message text area
    -> in such a case, how should we present this data

For now, we’re still analyzing this topic, but your post surely will add some fuel to this process :slight_smile:

Again, thank you for adding this idea, your perspective on improving your customers’ experience using LC Reports is really close to how we see it, so I’ll definitely keep your idea for the future!

Product Manager at LiveChat

This is something I enquired about 4 years ago when I transitioned from a live chat agent to manager, It would be great to have something like this as after a period of use, you can end up with masses of canned responses.

I also enquired about reports on invites, to see what invites work best, allow us to establish invite-chat-booking conversion etc.

I know its all available in the dashboard but it would be so much easier if we could download a report showing volumes of each invite fired.

Thanks for the info! I can see how the analytics may pose a problem.

We use canned responses a lot, and our agents do tweak them quite regularly. For example, we have 6 branches, so sometimes the canned response will have our general inquiries phone number, but the agent will change that phone number to be more city specific. We don’t need 6 canned responses each with a different phone number, the one canned response is fine and a bit of tweaking takes no time.

While I understand that does bring into question whether or not it is entirely still a canned response, I would still consider that to be using the canned response. They’ve used it as a way to be more efficient and share the majority of the info from the response.

At what point and how many changes to the original message is it not really the canned response anymore…??? I’m not sure! :thinking:

hi @paulhazelton, thank you for your message!

We’ve just finished Reports section redesign, and now we’re focusing on building more features to improve its usability and the depth of insights you can get from chat’s data. One of our ideas is giving the data breakdown to some Reports i. e. Greetings report.

I think it would help to solve this case:

Our initial concept looks like this (it’s just an early mock):

What do you think? Is there anything you’d add to this kind of a breakdown?

And for:

that’s indeed a tough case :slight_smile: anyway I’ll make sure to discuss this idea with the team and try to see our options.


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This would be great!

Old thread but I would love to be able to do this too. It was a feature in our previous Oracle Service Cloud that we used to use before this and very helpful for training etc.
Any news on if this will ever be available would be great :slight_smile:

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Hi @Admin3 ! Thanks for your opinion! I’m passing it to our Product Team!

Great Product I have ever seen. But think i want to confirm is i have a tracking site for toll and i want if user send tracking number through chat box then it will automatically send to our script which track the shipment and then send back the status to one who messaged. Is that possible?

Hi Anna!

I’m confident it’s possible one way or another but I’d like to ask you a few questions to make sure I provide accurate feedback.
In my understanding this is what you’d like to achieve:

  1. visitor comes to your website and provides a tracking number in the chat (can it be in pre-chat survey or would it also have to work if the visitor provides it after pre-chat survey when talking with a representative?)
  2. Export the tracking from LiveChat to your system, how it can be exported will depend on whether you want to get it via API from a survey or chat transcript itself so answer to the question number 1 is crucial
  3. You want to send the status of the shipment to the client (would that be via chat? or is that something you’d like to display on the page directly?)

Kind regards!