Allow your customers to write a message while waiting in the queue - looking for beta testers! 🧪

Hi :wave: We’re working on enabling customers to send messages when waiting in the queue and let agents track those messages in the Agent App.

Benefits for the end-users

  • Much better experience on the end-user side - as users will not need to wait to write a message until they get assigned, this will impact with a much better experience on the Chat Widget side,

Benefits for agents & businesses

  • More chats - because visitors will be able to chat in the queue, this will bring our customers a higher volume of chats,
  • Shorten agent chatting time - once the agent will be assigned to chat, she will be able to solve customer case faster, as there will be no need to wait for the first customer message,
  • Responding to important customers quicker – agents will now be able to see the customer message before picking them up from the queue. This enables them to serve customers based on the topic importance,
  • Reducing drop-off from queue - even if the customer sends a message and leaves the chat, agents will be able to follow up – the chat would go to the Unassigned chats section.

If it sounds like something you would be interested in getting access to first, please feel free to reach out to me! :rocket:


It looks interesting.

are you still looking for people to test?