Allow account owner and/or admins to delete archive chats

Please can we consider the ability for account owners and/or admins to be able to delete individual chats from the archive?

There are two reasons for this:

  1. Sometimes we get people starting chats with our agents who do not reply, however, still leave negative feedback. I’d like a way to invalidate or better still remove these.

  2. In terms of GDPR especially ‘right to be forgotten’ and ‘right to erasure’ it makes sense that we have the controls to delete chats in the archives ourselves. I know this can be done by contacting support but this feels unnecessarily burdensome, I don’t see why this can not be done by at the very least the account owner if the functionality was made available in the archives section.

Hi @Dan,

Thanks a lot for your feedback! We decided not to give our customers the opportunity of deleting their chats because we want to eliminate the misclicks. When you delete a chat is very hard to get it back. Even if we’d give this option only to admins/owners it would not solve the problem - we know that a lot of “regular” LiveChat users are logged in in different accounts, as their admins.

However, there’s a workaround that can make this process seamless for you. You can tag all the chats that you want to delete with a specific tag (for example “delete” :slight_smile: ) and schedule cyclic removal of those chats with us (so you don’t need to contact us every time you want to delete them).

Hope it helped!

Thanks for getting back to me - that makes sense although perhaps consider making the command available via the LiveChat API? That way those of us who want to do this can implement an API based solution to achieve it outside of the standard interface while protecting those who “misclick”

Regarding tagging chats for deleting them on a cycle, that seems like something we’d find useful. How do I set that up?

Nice idea, in this case, a misclick would be less possible. However, when you have access to an admin account you still have access to his/her API key.

You can schedule the deleting cycle please contact our Support Team directly via chat at

Thanks - I will contact the support team to arrange.

Hopefully this request can still be considered for future? I appreciate the explanation of why there’s no option to do this via the user interface, but I don’t see any reason this could not be an API command. For an extra layer of protection the command could be off by default and need to be enabled by a support request - perhaps being accompanied by a warning before enabling from LiveChat that deleting is irreversible…

My feeling on this is that if someone has gone to the trouble of getting an API key and sending the delete command via the API then this is no longer an accidental misclick, it’s a deliberate action and they should take responsibility for that.

Sure thing! I’m passing this whole topic to our Product Owner to discuss it.

Here is another scenario where a chat message would need to be edited or deleted. Sensitive information such as government identification can be accidentally entered into chats that would need to be corrected at least. Has there been any more thought given to this?

Yup, we’re aware of the fact that - these clients can for example have their chats deleted every 24hrs, regulary.


our data protection commissioner requires that we don’t keep the chat archive over a longer time. 2 weeks would be great, after that the archived chats have to be deleted. RGPD and Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (Germany) forces us to delete data no longer needed for the case - for us creating leads and selling. Cause of many processes after the chat, the char archive is not needed for that. See

How LiveChat handles the archived data is a serious problem for us. Please give an admin or owner to delete the archived data.


Hi @harald.kampen! Please give me some time to consult this case with our team.

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@harald.kampen you can schedule deleting chats with our team and we’ll delete them for example after every 2 weeks. How does it sound?

Hi Agniezka,

yes, sounds good. We discussed this with our team and we agree with every Friday in 2 week at ~8 pm MEZ. Saturday or Sunday would also be fine.

Best regards

Harald Kampen

This is great!

To schedule deleting chats we need your license owner or license admin to talk with our Support Heroes and report it on a chat: