Alerts - There has to be a better way

We are a small organization that receives maybe 2 incoming chats on a daily basis. The problem is that other daily tasks interfere with us answering the chats and they go missed. Mainly because the LC app or the browser window are in the background of word, excel, power point, outlook, etc. and not a main focus.

I need a better way to alert me and my reps that a chat has come in. Using sound on the PC is not acceptable as during my phone calls, all the other end hears in the background is “New Visitor”, “New Visitor”, “New Visitor”, “New Visitor” and its kind of annoying. IF I turn off the “Accept Chats”, then I typically forget to turn it back on. Live Chat is 2% of my job duty and it is causing me 100% of my headaches right now.

There has to be a better way to alert users of an incoming chat.

Hi @jbuchman,

It is able to turn off all notifications except of “incoming chat” – You can change it by clicking your profile picture in the bottom left corner and finding “Notification preferences”. There, you can disable unnecessary ones.

Let me know if that helps! :slight_smile: