Admin Accounts and Seat Limits

I believe it would be very beneficial to allow 1 admin to be logged into a LiveChat account regardless of the seat capacity. It is frustrating to be required to interrupt users accepting chats to manage the account.

Alternatively, there could be a third user role that has admin privileges, but cannot accept chats, and doesn’t count towards the seat limit. That way there would be no concern of an admin account being used as a “free seat”.


Hi Josh! Thanks a lot for your suggestion, I’ve passed it to our Product Team.

For now the resolution is to buy an extra seat or to check the reports etc. during the less busy hours.

Hello Guys,

I Agree with Josh, but When there is no any available license admin only should be able see Report’s.

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Some basic report info are also available in the dashboard :slight_smile:

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I came just to check if it is true (couldn’t believe).
And found directly this topic.
I find it also very strange restriction : Admin who doesn’t accept chats (it is a setting) should never been counted for the seat limit.

I’m the “admin” on our account and purely manage settings and channels.

I agree that it would be ideal for me as an “admin” to be able to login without needing a licence, after all, I’m not actually chatting. It becomes slightly frustrating having to ask our agents to logout just so I can change a setting.

Hi guys,

just a quick question – if the Settings and Billing sections could be opened to any logged in user outside the seat limit, would that solved vast majority of your cases?

We might consider it in the future, any feedback or input would be a great one :slight_smile:

Michal @ LiveChat


Yes, it is exactly what we ask.
Probably also the statistics , but this is already less important (for me, maybe for others well).

Setting, billings, reports and archives would be very helpful. No need to chat.