Adding Sections under The Customer Details Widget


I’m trying to find out how can I integrate sections inside the Details Area (displayeed on the right side of the Agent Screen).

So to summarize the situation, I have added an app using the Developer Console, where I defined the initial state, howerver the app was added as a Tab (not as a sub element in the Details area).

I m looking for (Help) the Settings steps which are missing in order to achieve that result (ex: Overview | LiveChat Platform Docs & API Reference)

Thanks for your advices :slight_smile:

Hi Imad!

Yesterday I’ve verified that there’s an issue with saving the initialstate for applications and we’ve already assigned a developer to work on a fix to this problem - this matter should be resolved in upcoming days,
I’ll be sure to let you know once I have an update.

Should you still encounter a problem implementing the solution after we’ve released a fix,
I very much recommend joining our “LiveChat for Developers” discord server:

where we will be able to most efficiently help you work this out.

Kind regards!

A quick followup from me.
The issue with setting initial state via the Developer Console was resolved,
you should now be able to make the above implementation work now :slight_smile:

Kind regards!