Access Denied Error

I have created an app in the developer account with two scopes archives_read and agents_read. Then I tried to do oAuth 2.0 with new live chat account by using APIs. But I got ‘Access Denied’ error. live_chat_error

Please suggest any solution for this.

Hey there,

The private app will be only available to access on the same license on which it was created. Can you please share the license number/e-mail address you’ve used to create and access the app?

Jakub, LiveChat Inc. - This is an email id that is used to create an app, and I can successfully did oAuth 2.0 with the same email id. But when I used different email id- to do oAuth 2.0, I got Access denied error.

Yes, as mentioned before, the private apps will only work on a single license, the one on which app is created as those apps are designed for your personal/internal use.

If you would like to distribute your app to other LiveChat customers who are using their own accounts, the app will have to be published to marketplace and approved by our team. Here’s a screenshot of the section where you can do it -

Thanks for solutions.

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