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The Community Tools You Should Use

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Gathering badges pays off. Users who will get the most of them and bring a lot of valuable content to our community will get additional, real, beautiful and touchable bounties: Community Monthly Game.

Respect When You Disagree

If you don’t agree with some opinions, that’s ok. We love when people speak their minds. But we truly hate and will remove any content that concerns name-calling, ad hominem attacks, responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content or Knee-jerk contradiction.

Being Civil Doesn’t Hurt

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Troll Hunting

Have you ever dreamt about being a legendary troll buster? Now is your chance to become one. If you notice any spammy/ offensive content or trace a troll who is pinning an ambush on others, please don’t reply. We don’t feed trolls - they are already overfed. Instead, let us know about it by flagging such a post/person. We’ll take care of it but the glory will be yours!

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Better to Ask the Way Than to Go Astray

If you have any further questions, contact us via the staff page.

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