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LiveChat is looking for a Sales Operations Specialist (or an aspiring one) with a good understanding of building relationships and a technical knack for processes to join our growing sales team as we direct our focus towards mid-market and enterprise relationships. 

Our Sales Operations team is committed to ensuring LiveChat, Inc.’s sales and customer success teams are running optimally. Sales Ops plays a critical role in helping our go-to-market teams land new customers and support existing customers through the entire client journey. Sitting at the center of customer data and information, it is our mission to transform these insights into measurable decisions in partnership with internal teams.

As our Sales Ops Specialist you will act at the intersection of people and technology, ensuring that both sides live in peace. Working with reps and leaders, you will develop a full understanding of the day-to-day work environment of Growth and Key Account teams. This is a technically minded role on the Sales Team that assists with the tools, systems, processes, and measures that promote growth. Our ideal candidate is comfortable with managing and developing day-to-day processes  as taking care of the tech stack to ultimately drive the teams’ goals. Your success is measured by their success

We are looking for an experienced Sales Operations Specialist, who will be responsible for tools, processes, and training/enablement to help grow a revenue operations team.

Let’s chat if you have/are:

  • Experience in sales, operations, finance, accounting, economics and/or engineering;

  • 2+ years of experience in a relationship management role (customer success, account management, partner management and similar);

  • An ability to look at data and determine meaningful next steps or brave enough to make an educated decision;

  • Experience with assessing relationship scores (health scores, nps, churn predictions);

  • Demonstrated ability to define, refine and implement processes, procedures and policies, preferably within a sales organization;

  • Experience connecting data systems;

  • Marketing automation systems experience;

  • A proven track record of taking ownership, leading data-driven analyses, and sharing results with a broader audience;

  • Good understanding of the relationship between the changes and their impact;

  • Experience working with Jira or similar project management software;

  • Good understanding of Salesforce (or similar platform & willingness to learn);

  • Good grasp of GSuite.

In this role, you will:

  • Partner with our Sales Leadership and the rest of Sales Ops to help our sales org achieve predictable growth and retention goals;

  • Suggest improvements to existing processes and create new ones;

  • Manage tech stack used by the sales org;

  • Educate the Sales Org on the process changes introduced;

  • Develop solutions to problems using tech stack and own technical skills;

  • Manage sales projects (large and small);

  • Support Growth, Success and Key Account initiatives;

  • Example projects may include:

    • Triaging existing process to make it faster and more reliable;

    • Connecting data points and synchronizing them between systems;

    • Helping to clean up data - dirty data doesn’t help us understand the full story;

    • Building reports inside Salesforce to examine upsell rates within target industry;

    • Developing new dashboards and visualizations to show opportunities and risks for the Sales teams;

    • Help managing the work of developers setting up various data connectors;

    • Troubleshooting issues in business processes in and outside of Salesforce;

    • Creating automated campaigns reaching out to target customer segment;

    • Educating team on new processes and technologies introduced to the org;

    • Advocating for reps and customer needs;

    • Leading process implementation from start to finish;

    • Supporting completion of vendor request forms and RFPs at various stages.


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