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LiveChat is a remote-friendly product company. Our suite of products improves customer care and the online sales of over 36,000+ companies from 150 countries worldwide. We’re on a mission to remove communication barriers. 

Learn about our vision and mission from LiveChat’s Constitution.

We are looking for a Marketing Lead for KnowledgeBase. KnowledgeBase is the smallest product in the portfolio that works in a very startup way with big autonomy. You will join a team of 8 people, and become one of the owner of this product. You will have a very responsible and independent role which will be broad marketing growth. 

The product vision is "Turn knowledge into customer satisfaction." We believe that we can revolutionize the knowledge base market and offer something completely new. Our goal is to connect the knowledge admins with the users so that they can create the best possible content for their audience. Join us and help us achieve this! 

About your Team

You’ll work hand in hand with Jakub, the Head of Product, and have a tremendous opportunity to coordinate marketing campaigns driven by your ideas with support from KnowledgeBase Team. In this role, you’ll be responsible for the whole funnel.

We use Jira to track our tasks, Slack to communicate, Confluence, and Miro for collaboration. Besides that, we use tools like Ahrefs, Piwik Pro, Mailchimp, and others to make our marketing efforts happen. We also use our products daily to understand our customers better.

About the Role

Things you’ll do on a day-to-day basis

  • Building distribution channels and optimizing current ones to acquire new customers (acquisition) and communicate with current ones (retention);

  • Shaping the strategy for customer acquisition growth and effective product positioning;

  • Leading the prioritization process to focus on ideas with the highest expected outcomes;

  • Running and concluding on the market and users research to spot growth opportunities;

  • Working with a content marketer on messaging, key differentiators, and improving the online visibility of the KnowledegeBase website;

  • Coordinating marketing campaigns in cooperation with graphics designer, web developers, PPC, SEO specialists, etc., to execute your strategies;

  • Analyzing the results, presenting them in an easy-to-understand way, drawing meaningful conclusions, and creating optimization plans;

  • Working hand-in-hand with the Head of Product on solving real users’ problems;

The role doesn’t include

People management: Each team has a dedicated leader who takes care of team members’ professional growth and related aspects.

Writing copy: We appreciate independence, and you might occasionally need to draft a line or two, but in general, you’ll work with our talented content writers.

Maintaining channels already taken care of by specialists (PPC, SEO): Each channel has its owner with whom you’ll cooperate.

We’re looking for someone who

  • Is an ambitious, outcomes-oriented person with strong communication skills;

  • Is well organized: you know how to set the priorities right and manage complex projects without assistance;

  • Is data-oriented: you seek proof in data and metrics instead of just trusting your intuition;

  • Has vast experience in online marketing strategies and coordinating marketing campaigns;

  • Has experience in growth marketing and B2B lead generation,

  • Has experience working with the SaaS business model, B2B buyer journey, and the most crucial SaaS metrics;

  • Has practical knowledge of tools for marketing automation, email marketing, analytics, and project management;

  • Has experience drafting product websites with a focus on conversion rates;

  • Wants to learn how to cooperate with product teams to craft development plans that will drive customer acquisition;

  • Is eager to master transferring long-term plans into day-to-day tactics; 

  • Has fluent knowledge of both Polish & English language.


Yes, we offer benefits related to product mastery, health care, remote work, and more, but we will discuss them later. Let’s focus on the business aspects first.

Recruitment process

Do you already feel like you belong here?

It’s time to fill out the application form and attach your CV. Here’s what happens next in our fully remote recruitment process:

Interview with our recruitment specialist

Get yourself something to drink and let’s talk. Tell us about your professional experience, the results of your work, and your values. We’ll tell you a little bit about the company, products, and company culture. We’ll also talk about the money and your availability.

Video call with your future team leaders

At this stage, we’ll test your craft to see the value you can bring to the company. The most important part? You’ll find out everything about the challenges in your role, and we’ll find out everything we need to know about your experience.

A remote practice run

We’ll give you a project to work on for a few hours. You’ll also meet the people that’ll give you tips, advice, and access to data and tools so you can feel like you’re already a part of the team. Get familiar with our atmosphere, the workflow, and the people. All in all, we’ll help you make a well-informed decision.

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