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Frontend Developer (HelpDesk)

Full-time Remote / Wrocław

HelpDesk is the youngest product in our portfolio. It was built to help companies provide excellent customer service. With that mission in mind, we need an experienced Frontend Developer. We already have a great team of six (three Developers, QA, Designer, and Product Manager). We love working together, discussing customer problems, product ideas, and getting things done. 


You may want to reach out if you are:

  • experienced in frontend stack based on the newest stable version of React accompanied by Redux and a Context-API-based solution. Kick in some styled-components approach, as we do with Emotion, supported by our own design system and you’re ready to go!
  • experienced in working with consumer-facing apps;
  • good at estimating required development effort and have the self-discipline to deliver things on time;
  • familiar with engineering practices and write well-tested and high-quality code
  • interested in providing a solution that’s best for our end-users;
  • eager to learn & share your knowledge among our developers’ community;


Be sure to get in touch if you are:

  • A team player: you work together with a team, enabling what’s best in people instead of single-playing the execution;
  • Well organized: you know how to set the priorities right and manage complex projects without assistance;
  • Growth-oriented: you are eager to learn and share your knowledge among other developers in the company;
  • Transparent in communication: you share your updates early & often, and you appreciate honest communication.



Come for: 

  • Working in an environment of passionate people on big-league projects (on products that attract more than 33k paid customers worldwide and counting) and used worldwide by millions of people every month.
  • Solid salary with all government expenses covered. Any change in obligatory government fees is automatically adjusted in your salary.
  • All the equipment and tools you will ever need to succeed in your work.
  • A dedicated spot just for you on our Team page.


  • Healthy. We cover a private healthcare plan for you. Additionally, you and your family will have access to our EAP platform, so anytime you need it, you can use therapeutic or legal help.
  • Fit. We cover a Multisport (or equivalent) program for you so you can invest in your wellbeing.
  • Related. Each team has a recurring integration budget to spend on team-building activities, and each employee has a similar personal budget.
  • Comfortable. Do you live in Wroclaw or nearby and prefer to come to the office? You can join our pet-friendly coworking space any time you want.

Support your self-development with:

  • Free access to Udemy courses,
  • Every book you’d ever want from Amazon,
  • Access to Worksmile platform with a monthly budget for benefits marketplace,
  • Ability to participate in internal (e.g. our LiveChat Academy) and external workshops (e.g. Reforge),
  • Time and space for your creativity and ideas to be shared during our Side Project Days and Innovation Sprint.

Our mission is to help people and businesses communicate better and fully express themselves. Join us on this journey and let’s build the best customer service products together!

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