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Out team builds powerful integrations with 3rd party platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, and Mailchimp. Our mission is to allow our clients to expand the use of our products beyond their basic capabilities and to make our products look like a native part of the external platform we integrate them with. 

We focus strongly on the coding's effectiveness because we have adapted our services to a constantly changing environment (dependencies, our products, external platforms - all of them change on a daily basis) and we have to keep the pace. That's why we design our services to be properly structured, open for modification, robust, and automated.

We build two types of apps - backend services (platform-oriented) and frontend apps. Backend services are used as data exchange between our products and the external platform. Frontend apps are platform-agnostic, meaning every platform service can connect to them as long as it fulfills the API contract. This way we can design a new feature, define the contract, and enable it step by step for every supported platform.

Our ideal candidate will have:

  • Minimum 3+ years of experience in the development of consumer-facing apps;

  • Experience with React and Fastify/Node.js;

  • Excellent communication skills. You're honest and share your updates early & often;

  • Track record of writing well-tested and high-quality code;

  • Courage to move fast, make bold technical decisions, and capacity to sustain tight product cycles perfect understanding of the platform and SaaS business models;

  • Experience in product roadmap refinement;

  • Interest in security, authentication, software engineering, and internal services.


Yes, we offer benefits related to product mastery, health care, remote work, and more, but we will discuss them later. Let’s focus on the business aspects first.

Recruitment process

Do you already feel like you belong here?

It’s time to fill out the application form and attach your CV. Here’s what happens next in our fully remote recruitment process:

Interview with our recruitment specialist

Get yourself something to drink and let’s talk. Tell us about your professional experience, the results of your work, and your values. We’ll tell you a little bit about the company, products, and company culture. We’ll also talk about the money and your availability.

Video call with your future team leaders

At this stage, we’ll test your craft to see the value you can bring to the company. The most important part? You’ll find out everything about the challenges in your role, and we’ll find out everything we need to know about your experience.

A remote practice run

We’ll give you a project to work on for a few hours. You’ll also meet the people that’ll give you tips, advice, and access to data and tools so you can feel like you’re already a part of the team. Get familiar with our atmosphere, the workflow, and the people. All in all, we’ll help you make a well-informed decision.

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